Friday, February 22, 2013

Little Changes

We went to the spring/summer consignment sale in Memphis a few weeks ago and got Henry most of his spring/summer wardrobe. I am so excited about his Easter outfit. I  spent $26 and got a Sir John smocked john-john with Willett saddle oxfords. I love knowing I can resale this for what I paid for it, while having my cute boy dressed like a little Easter Bunny again this year. This is his 4th Easter and 4th time to wear light blue and bunnies. I am sure this is our last year to wear such outfits, so we are soaking it up as much as we can. Almost all potty trained and wearing a 4T means the end is near. Sniff, sniff. I am so thankful for the ability to shop savvy. I have my sweet sister to thank for that!

We are embarking on a little journey at our house to cut out some of the processed junk and some of the sugar we eat. We are not going all crazy and cutting it all out, but making wiser choices. We are sneaking veggies in meats and breads we are sneaking in fruit so Henry will eat more of them. I made these blueberry banana muffins with honey instead of sugar and they were great. We grilled pineapple and mango with asparagus and hamburgers with ground up spinach and carrots in them this week. Branching out and trying to broaden our palettes a wee bit. It is actually pretty fun to try new things and we have discovered a mango is really gross until you get to the center of it. I feel better this week and look forward to seeing more benefits of this little change.