Thursday, September 20, 2012

Fair Fun

We took Henry to the Craighead County Fair this week. We ran into our friends as soon as we got there. It was great fun. Quinn and Henry climbed on a tractor because they both love some farm equipment and are smart enough to know red and blue are just as good as green. Well rounded boys! I thought this photo was so precious. I may have to put it on my memo board. It is a keeper.

 Randall and I were both representing our state pride at the fair. It was unintentional and fun. Randall was saying "cheese" in this picture. it makes me laugh.

All Henry was concerned about was finding a red car to ride. So, that we did. He was such a big boy to ride all by himself. He was a little hesitant at first but once the ride started he was all grins.

The Jeep ride required him to ride with another little boy. His facial expression in this picture is priceless. He is looking at that boy like "why you in my Jeep, punk?!"

He then found a red flying boat and it was on! He was all grins and giggles.

Henry waved his hands in the air and just laughed when it would fly. Randall and I were so smitten with it. Our little baby is turning into a big boy. It is so fun to watch him discover life even in the simple things like a kiddie ride at the fair.

Randall's fair highlight was his red velvet funnel cake. Oh my word, it was so fine! It had cream cheese drizzled on it with the powdered sugar. I ate a few bites of it and he was not real kind about sharing it with me. I love to see the fair food. It is always fun to see what crazy stuff they come up with and it is usually always good eats!