Monday, September 17, 2012

Happy Birthday To Me!

I thought I would share some highlights of my birthday. My boys were sweet to give me some fun gifts and a super cute card. My extended family was  kind to send me gifts and cards. It was a fun morning opening all of them before work.

My work day started with a sheet cake waiting on me. My coworker remembered me telling her my favorite birthday cake of all time is a sheet cake. She had never eaten nor made one so her doing this was an act of love. I walked into the break room to find this and a table of fruit. I felt celebrated!

After work my boys and I headed to the White County Fair. Randall treated me to a turkey leg. He knows I cannot attend a fair, carnival or festival without a turkey leg. It was divine. I could only eat half of it. He ate the rest of if. That is true love.

Henry and I love reading all the Llama Llama books. We spotted Llama Llama wishing Henry's mama Happy Birthday! Randall said he swore that thing was about to spit on me. I am so glad it refrained.

The main reason we went to the fair was so Henry could see the monster truck show. He loved it and we loved watching him enjoy it. He would giggle, point, yell and get so excited.

His favorite truck was the Ice Cream Man. So don't you know that Randall gave me a $20 bill and said "go buy him an Ice Cream Man shirt"... and I did. The things we do for our babies, I tell ya. I have made them both swear to me that it will only be worn in the house as a night shirt! It is pretty redneck looking.

My birthday was so much fun this year. I will have another post about it tomorrow. 34 was truly a celebration!