Sunday, April 8, 2012

Oh,The Bunny!

Our little bunny boy started Good Friday excited about going with mama and daddy to see the Easter Bunny at the mall. He was SO excited and proud to get dressed in his bunny sweater and go. Look at that grin on his sweet little face!
And then he saw the bunny. It was terror and horror and huge loud screams. I made him sit there anyway and get his photo taken. I had other mothers in line giving me looks of shame as their kids started to scream and cry in unison with Henry. It was truly a mother moment I will not forget. Randall and I walked away laughing. I am sure the other mothers did not find us amusing. It was like a comic strip moment.
Randall insisted we purchase the overpriced photo for a keepsake even though he captured it on his phone. It is so precious, really. Poor little bunny of mine.
He got his red sucker and bunny ears and became proud. He told all those we passed in the mall "I saw the Easter Bunny!" with a big proud smile. I am sure they heard him and knew the truth. We let him brag and have his was too cute.
We came home and dyed eggs. He loved telling me what colors he wanted. He was most unhappy with me for stopping to take this photo. He was fussing at me, as you can see. I have loved the Easter fun we have had this year. This is Henry's third Easter and a very memorable one for sure.


Kelley said...

Happy Easter! Looks like a very fun weekend!