Wednesday, April 25, 2012

My Joy Boy

 This little fella is moving to the preschool hall at his school next week. I find myself in complete disbelief. He has gotten so big, so quick. Yet, he is still my sweet baby who likes me to rock and sing to him at night. I plan to rock him until he is a grown man, if he will still fit in my lap.

I think this is why he is moving up much sooner than expected. He loves to tell us his shapes, colors, numbers and sing all of his songs.The video is super dark because my den is super dark. You can still see the shapes and hear his sweet little voice though.

 I love his zest for life. he is non-stop, all day. Mama says he comes by that honest...I am afraid she is right on the money! I love this photo above. He has learned how to lower his picnic table umbrella and he was showing out for Anna and Daniel in our backyard. I can hear the laughter when I look at this photo and it makes my mama and aunt heart happy.

I have learned to let some stuff go for this short season in life. Keeping everything organized in the house is one of those things. I still keep it tidy, but it is not organized(and there is dried apple juice on my kitchen floor most of the time too. Beware if you walk barefoot in there!) Henry has a toy cabinet under our stairs and I just turn the light off and shut the door every night. I don't even look in there anymore...I can't do it! ha. He has fun and that is all that matters right now. It is so fun to watch him play in there, so it is worth the mess.

 Henry is becoming such a helper. He isn't always help though, poor thing. He can be more of a distraction than help. We don't let him know that, of course. His Daddy was planting an apple tree out back and he decided to drive his truck out and help him.

He wants to be just like Randall, already. It happens so fast, I tell ya. Notice the sunglasses on these two. Randall ordered him a child's version of his Costa Del Mar sunglasses and gave him a Cablz cord so they could be all twinkie like this spring/summer. Henry is smitten with his glasses and he is pretty darn cute in them too.I love the hands on Daddy that Randall is. He does it all and never complains. It is a joy to parent this little fella alongside him.

Look at his long legs?! I took him to the doctor last week for double ear infections and he measured 3 feet 2 inches. He is 2 feet from being eye to eye with me. That day will come sooner than I realize I think.



Kelley said...

He is so cute! He is super smart too! Love his shades!