Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Birthday Boys

David and Daniel are 11 today!

I have been reliving 11 years ago all day today. So much so that I realized the shoes I wore today were the same ones I wore 11 years ago. Time for new shoes!

11 years ago was a hectic day full of dropping off, picking up, shopping and waiting and giving birth. I remember seeing their faces for the first time. Little bodies, 5lb 4oz, and 5lb 6oz, that were so cute, sweet and healthy. They were a month early and had no problems. We were in the hospital less than 48 hours. Such sweet faces, such sweet cries.

I remember the doctor didn't send me to recovery ( I had a c-section) because I had company that wanted to visit with me. It was strange I thought, but I loved having people to come see me and love on my little family. My little family that had just grown by 2 in the span of 4 minutes!

These two boys make me smile, laugh and thank the Lord daily. Their personalities are so much the same and so much different. They look so much alike and they look so different. The same but different. I wouldn't have it any other way. They fill my heart with joy.


Kelley said...

Happy Birthday fellas!