Monday, March 19, 2012

Spring Has Sprung

Planting season has started for our little Daddy so this past weekend Henry and I flew solo. We loved the sunshine days and took advantage of the pollen-filled air. Henry ate his supper Friday night on his new picnic table. He was yelling "more mama!" because he was out of his beloved chicken nuggets.
Saturday was St. Patrick's Day so we had to pose in his Henry shamrock shirt, of course. This is my 3rd St Patty picture of him in this same spot. I was going to post all 3 pics together but they are on my old computer and I am too lazy to walk upstairs and get them off that one and put them on my laptop...just imagine or go back on the blog and look! Randall has never been at home on March 17th since Henry was born...I realized that Saturday and thought it was sort of funny. Planting season always starts at this time.
Saturday after we ran our errands we ventured back outside. I put a pair of flip flops on Henry. He had never had a flip flop on nor had anything between his toes. It was real interesting but he was determined to master it.
He took off pushing his trucks and tractors and seemed to adjust to his new footwear. When did he get this big?!
And then he crashed and burned! Elmo made it all better though. This was our first official skinned and bloody knee. He cried for just a minute and ran over for me to hold him but ran off as soon as I had a hold of him. I have a real little boy on my hands now and it makes me laugh and cry. Henry is such a sweet and hot mess! I know this spring and summer is going to provide many memorable moments.
It is the simple things that matter the most. I love easy, fun weekends like these, but we sure miss our little daddy when he is gone. Henry kept asking me, "Daddy plant corn?" and he would stand at the door and ask "Daddy coming?" It got sort of sad after a while. We are so glad he is on his way home tonight. I know a little boy who will be all smiles in the morning!