Friday, March 30, 2012

My Heart's Delight

"Daddy plant corn?" or "Marmie sick?" is all that I have heard in the past week out of this little precious love. My heart aches for him. His daddy is in the thick of planting all over the delta and his phone-a- friend( Marmie) is not able to communicate with him. He is so confused and has seen me cry way more than he should have. Julie told me to stop crying in front of him because he was going to be jacked I have bucked up and kept dry eyes for the last few days. He has talked to Juju in place of Marmie this week and I think Juju has really liked that...I know Henry has! When he talks to his daddy every morning by phone he says "plant corn good daddy!"
This week has been a challenge to work and be mama without distraction. Playing outside with him after work has been therapeutic for me. I committed the cardinal sin and allowed him to sleep with me. I needed it and so did he. Sometimes we have to break the rules. I am back with Mama now and relieved to be by her side again.

It is almost like he is standing there thinking "Where am I going now?" and it makes me cry just a bit but the outfit and shoes make me smile through my tears. He is one sporty, loved little fella. He is with his Nana and Papa now and living it up. He loves being with them and I love that they take him for me at a moment's notice. I appreciate Nana taking off work to take care of him without reservation. I have the best mother-in-love.

I am back in Fort Smith trying to love my sweet mama back to health. Julie has been at the hospital this entire time. She is a saint. Thank you for your prayers and support through this. We will never forget the kindness and love shown to us.