Thursday, March 15, 2012

March Madness-Our Style

For the last 7 or 8 years we have been filling out NCAA basketball brackets at our house. We started this now tradition when the twins were 2 or 3. We would say the name of the teams playing, and they would say the team they thought sounded the best. It was the most fun.

Samuel loves this time of year. He was born thinking about all things sports so he has always filled out his own bracket, and knows what he's doing!

After everyone fills out their brackets we hang them on the wall with tape. March isn't our best decorating month! We check our brackets faithfully on the weekends and crossoff our teams that have lost but we thought would win.

For the last couple of years we have entered our brackets online at and they keep track of our rankings. I don't know why we do that, it seems Samuel or Stephen win, David and I lose and Daniel and Anna come in in the middle.

Last night we were giving Anna the teams to pick from and she would pick based on whether she had been to the state the team represented. She picked Colorado because Samuel is going skiing there, she picked Davidson because " I love my brother David", and Long Beach State because "I love the beach". She had picked Notre Dame to win their first two games but then decided they had to lose because she didn't like that their name sounded like it could be a dome.

Do you fill out a basketball bracket??? Please say you do!



The Family Marsico said...

Anna's naming is hilarious to me! Tell her you know some Notre Dame people and there is in fact a dome - a great big gold one! Notre Dame people are often referred to as "the domers". Sounds like she made a good choice.