Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hodge Podge

Can you believe I have not talked to my sister since last Wednesday! Life is so crazy right now, but fun. I believe she is at camp this week. Poor girl. She was hoping to maybe “opt out”. I don’t think it worked out for her so well. Oh well, she will survive. We have exchanged short emails this week, but nothing replaces those daily phone calls with my big sis.
This is my last day at the CWS. I may break out in the Hallelujah chorus at quitting time. Seriously. I told Rand I might even squeal my tires when I leave. That wouldn’t be to Christian though, would it? God has truly been right on time with this career transition. I start my new job on Monday and am super excited about it. I get a few days off to catch my breath before I dive into this new adventure. Rand and I are going to the river this weekend with Rick & Diana and Micah &Tabby. (This is Rand’s aunt, uncle, cousin and his fiancĂ©, in case you are like “Who?”) I am looking forward to the getaway on Micah’s ski boat and catching some much-needed rays.
Rand & I are booking our Caribbean Getaway today! He is taking me to Cancun (or I am taking him…whichever!) in October during my fall break (I get school breaks/holidays now!). I am so anxious to lay on the beach by that turquoise water and do absolutely nothing for four whole days. I have to quit looking at the resort website before I make myself go crazy with anticipation. It is just July, Abby Jo!
I have around 15 pounds to loose before I go on my Caribbean Getaway. I am almost at my WW lifetime goal. I am in plateauville though. Maybe now that the trip is booked I will find that extra burst of motivation I need to get me to the finish line. I am thinking of the Little Engine that Could right now, “I think I can, I think I can, I KNOW I CAN!” Seriously, this is such an important goal for me to achieve. Do pray for me as I continue this challenging endeavor. I like to eat!
Well, I best get. My co-workers are throwing me a lunch today as a “good-bye” gift. I best go put on the ole AJSL charm!
So, can you say “Hodge podge blog”?! I know it does not have a main theme like most of my blogs but life is rather crazy right now and no one theme is getting my full attention. What fun!


Anonymous said...

I am glad that you time at the car wash is over. that was a strange place for sure. enjoy the next few days and then look forward to a real job. the cancun trip sounds pretty good. i really will be glad to see the pictures of you trip. you 2 deserve a break away from the rat race of changing jobs.