Sunday, July 8, 2007

Family Fun

Sugar Cookie Chefs
Anna, Daniel, David & Claire

What a fun weekend our little family has had!! Samuel's All-star team played in the state tourney in Marion on Friday (a 3hr drive). We got to spend time with Dad and Connie. We don't see each other very often, so it was good to see them.
Daniel, David, and Anna got to spend Friday night with Aunt Abby and Uncle Randall. Abby is a wonderful aunt, I hope when she has children that I am a good aunt like she is to my children. She had my 3 youngest, and Claire, our cousin Hollye's daughter, who is 6 like the boys, (We count Claire a niece more than a cousin). Can you imagine her house? They ate pizza, made cookies, played Bingo, ate popcorn, had a nature hunt, and who knows what else!!! I am really proud of Randall too. Having 4 kids over for a slumber party was brave and I'm sure quite loud and rowdy! Quite different than what it is normally like at their house. The kids had such a good time, they are ready to go back! I don't know if Abby and Randall are ready though!
Samuel's team won 2 games on Friday night, so there were no games to play on Saturday. His team played today at 3, but we have made a commitment to not play on Sundays so we did not play in that game. They won the game, so we are off to Marion again tomorrow morning (Monday) to continue playing in the tournament. We've had a fun weekend, hope all of you did too!!!


Anonymous said...

WOW! It looks like there were fun times at Aunt Abby's house. I am loving the picture of Anna in the apron and her panties. TOO CUTE!!! They are all very cute and it looks like they had a blast.

Lindsey said...

wow!!! what a weekend! so much fun. julie, you have beautiful children!! and abby, you are brave for taking on that project. but SO MUCH FUN!!!! neices and nephews are such a that i never saw coming. sometimes i wonder how i could love my own kids more! you are both very blessed to have those kids and each other in your lives. thank God for sisters and their kids!!! :)