Friday, May 15, 2015

Who's Yo Mama

 This was my 7th Mother's Day being a mama. I love being this boy's mama more than anything. The joy is unmeasurable and so are the gray hairs! 

My husband is the best gift giver and does not skimp on showering me with what I love best  to excessive proportions. He knows it's my love language. The ladies in both of the gift shops know him now and know what I have and don't have yet in my various collections. It really makes my heart melt. I love him for it.  I'm a sucker for a collection. 

The new domed glass "I love you" charm for my necklace was the best. My neck is not the prettiest thing anymore since my surgery but these boys of mine keep adorning it with charms! It's my battle scar and to me it says "it was not cancer so BOOM!" 

After church they took me to downtown Memphis for the day. They know that's my place and we were in need of a Redbirds game before it gets too hot outside. They were giving away shirts for kids to personalize why they love their mother. My sweet Henry said because I play with him.  Yet on his questionare from school he said I loved working all the time and I was 98 years old. Convicting! 

Rocky was posing with some mamas and I hopped on in there and got me one. I have several pictures with Rocky over the years. You have to love that ole bird. Henry would not partake in the photo. Punching his ticket for not going to Disney anytime soon. Saving us money! Lol 

Randall ended our day at The Peabody splitting coconut cake with me and taking me to the roof just like old times. Henry got an ice cream cone. It was fun to show Henry the view from the roof for the first time and see the ducks. 

The icing on the day were these cans from a coke promo at the baseball game. A Coke family of my very own. That's the fizziest and sweetest way to a mother's heart! 

And celebrating these two angels was a pretty joyous thing. We are beyond blessed to have them do life with us daily through texts, calls, face to face visits, Facebook and always being our loudest cheerleaders. 

Abby Jo