Monday, January 13, 2014

Winter Wonder Boy

This winter has been cozy thus far. Lots of cold days at home. I have actually loved it...and I think Henry has also. Lots of time in Jammies and books. This guy loves books!

We have been trying to make wiser food choices and it is hard for my nugget, fry, chip, candy loving boy. This night he was eating a foot long fruit roll up after eating his veggies. Balance I say!!

Playing church is a new one for us. This day Henry was leading music. He sang and played guitar and keyboard. We sang every praise song he has ever heard and all was lead by him. It was pretty impressive and made this mama heart turn to mush. Love this child!!

This time he was pretending to be a "worker man" and he wore his worker vest and backpack. His cubbies vest from Awana. Love it. The bathroom was his truck and he was inside his pretend truck in this photo. Imagination on fire! 

This was the coldest morning in forever. We stayed bundled up like this most all day. I love lazy cold days but I am ready for Spring now! 

We painted snow and made snowmen one day. This child loves to paint. I just love seeing him in that Ikea paint smock the best. We both win. 

It finally warmed up for a few days and we put our boots on and headed outside with our daddy. It brought big smiles and nice fresh air. I love life and the mundane things about it. It is just the best and I am so thankful for all of it. 

Abby Jo


Kelley said...

He is growing up so fast! What a little sweetheart!