Tuesday, January 7, 2014

He loves us

Yesterday in all of my angst, I reverted back to teenage girl status. I opened my bible and hoped (sadly more than I prayed) that something would pop out at me to soothe my soul.

I know this isn't the way to search scripture, or study the Bible. But yesterday, it's what I did. Instead of opening my real Bible, or even my Bibles on my iPad, I opened the one on my Kindle. It of course was already on a page and I began to read.

What I read was in Matthew 26, when Jesus was being anointed with expensive, fragrant oil. I read that and immediately felt peace. It dawned on me that I have three different reactions to scripture when I read it.

One is total confusion. I can read passages and it is like the words shouldn't even be put together in sentences. It's almost like a foreign language to me. I know when that happens that I'm just reading to get it read for the day, not to be gleaning more understanding and wisdom from the Bible. 

The next is anxiety. There are some passages that make me feel stress, isn't that weird. The one that does it the most is the parable of the vineyard workers in Matthew 20. I understand the parable and rejoice in the fact that no matter when a person believes in The Lord and accepts Him as their Savior that they are promised eternity in Heaven. It doesn't bother me a bit that I can be a Christian for 35 years and someone can believe and accept Him and die 35 minutes later and be in Heaven for eternity.  But pay someone that worked one hour the same as you pay the person that worked all day? I can't take it!

The last is peace. I can read most passages and feel peace and rest. As if God has breathed into my soul as I read . I hope and pray this last one for you. I pray that when you read the Bible that God gives you a breath of fresh air, a breath of hope. He loves you so much.

His love is what gets me through the tough times. He is just, there are consequences to my sin, but oh how He loves me! And oh, how He loves you!