Tuesday, July 16, 2013

This guy drove me to Little Rock today. And in Little Rock! He did a great job. He drove us halfway home from Mamaw's a couple of weeks ago, he's really a good driver.

But like I say about his good work ethic, it's this way at 15, I don't know what he'll be at 17! I'm praying even better than now. But I'm not boasting about tomorrow, that verse scares me. Ha!

We had to go to Little Rock to buy some pants for a choir trip he is going on with a church group. He leaves Saturday for a week, comes home on Friday and leaves again on Monday to go to children's camp. And works at the Farmers Market on the Saturday in between. 

He's a good kid. And after spending the day with him today my ears are tired. I'm not complaining, I always want him to talk to me, so I'm not complaining. But my ears, they are tired.

Young mom, your boys will grow up. It happens fast. A slow motion kind of fast, but still fast. There are days that he reminds me of his three year old strong willed self, and there are times when he is a great 15 yr old. Today when he was driving I made him stay in the middle lane, and we were getting passed by cars on the left. He was not happy about it at all! He said " mom, they're beating me!" Which was so funny to me because when he was little and in a car seat he would yell for us to "go faster" so we would win against the car beside us. 

I don't brag or even talk about Samuel nearly enough, so I thought I would tonight. Lucky for me he doesn't read the blog!