Wednesday, July 3, 2013

A Birthday Visit

The kids and I left Monday morning to visit Mamaw and Uncle David. We hadn't sent them in quite a while and we hadn't been to their home in three years. That is just too long.

When I looked at my calendar to see what days were open to make the trip, I noticed that the best days for us included being able to be with Mamaw on her birthday. We were very excited!

We arrived at their home wearing birthday hats, carrying balloons, flowers, and cupcakes. They met us in the driveway and we had a little birthday celebration right there!

I had picked up some yummy cupcakes before we went to their house, and Uncle David had made a cake. Between the sweets and all the food Mamaw cooked while we were there, we left this morning stuffed!

We had such a good time. We went to an ice cream social Mamaw had planned for a group at her church, we played at the kids favorite park in all the world. And we talked, loved on each other and played games. 

Mamaw is a wonderful, loving, memory making, kind, complimentary, encouraging, sweet, funny, and just the best woman ever!! I am so fortunate to have had her play such a big role in my life. The memories we share are some of my very favorites.

It was an honor to spend her birthday with her. And fun memories were made. I'm so glad my kids were able to spend some quality time with both Mamaw and Uncle David.