Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Inspiring Online Obesession

I have a new online obsession...as though I needed another. Between this blog, Facebook, Linked In and just checking my email, my floors are always way past needing a good mopping! Pinterest. If you have not discovered it yet, you need to! Leave me a comment and I will invite you. You have to be invited, which I think is a bit cheesy, but they did not ask my opinion.
I like browsing through it each day because it has an inspiring, happy, calming effect and one can never have to many of those quick moments!

Due to this new obsession/site I have Henry's b-day party already planned...and it is 5 months away!


RockiesRazorback said...

Oh, I want to be invited, please! My e-mail is razorbackfanmmc@hotmail.com, in case you need it. :)

kathy said...

sign me up when you have time..