Tuesday, September 6, 2016

Just because you can, doesn't mean you should

1 Cor 10: 23-24
Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. Even as adults we test this truth. We think of kids and how they test the limits. Well, we do it too. For us it looks a little different sometimes. We often want something so bad we will do anything to get it when all the while that something was not meant for us.

Last week a house went on the market right down the street from us. We have not been looking to move, though we do look at anything that might peak our interest but after over 3 years of doing real estate, we have stayed put. We are not risk takers. We stay near the safety net and tread in the smooth waters as much as we can. Randall insisted we look at this house Friday night. So, we did. We fell in love with it. We stayed forever in it and talked about what we would do to it, etc. We made a formal offer that night. It was a foreclosure so it was up to the bank and it was a holiday so we had to wait.

Sunday during lunch Randall suggested we drive over to that house and pray inside of it for God's will. We went over and spent an hour in it and fell in love with it even more. We prayed in the doorway, hand in hand. We felt at peace no matter the outcome....but we both really wanted it.
It was a wise investment and nothing like we had ever seen. We were able to do it comfortably and quickly too. We bid over asking price even. We gave it to God but i think we both still had some flesh
in it. We had a wonderful revival at our church a couple weeks ago. The pastor said that just because its better, doesn't mean we need it. It doesn't mean its meant for us. Just because it makes most sense to us doesn't mean it's in God's will. That stuck with us and that is why we prayed in the house Sunday. We didn't go back in it after that, even when our friends wanted to see it, we knew we couldn't open the door to it again unless it was ours.

This morning my friend and fellow agent representing that house called me baffled at the decision the bank had made. They had rejected our offer. Thrown it out, without a reason. It was the highest and best offer. That's not normal. I smiled and said "God didn't want us in that house." she agreed that it had to be God because it made no sense. Someone else will call that house home, and we will stay put where God wants us to be. I share this to say, just because its bigger, shinier, and affordable doesn't always mean its better. Giving God ALL our decisions even when its hard to loose the grasp on them is worth it in the end. God protected us from something in that house. I don't know what it was, but it is not for me to know. That is where my faith comes into play. I had read the above verses last week several times and claimed them for another area in my life. It was fitting for this one though. God is pretty sneaky like that.

I am so glad my husband suggested praying over that house Sunday with me, hand in hand. I would hate to think what might have been if we had made our decision without God's will. Thank you, Jesus! We are both at total peace and not upset. I think those who knew about the offer we made are in a bit of shock at how well we have moved on past it today. It's a total God thing because Randall and I are the most high strung people I know and the bank's decision made no sense. To God be the Glory for the great things he has done and will do for us. How do people go through life without the Holy Spirit guiding them? I don't know and don't want to know.



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