Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Blooming Boy

It so hard to believe Henry's pre k year is over because it feels like it just started. He loved going to the blue roof school, as he called it. All last summer we would drive by it and it was like driving by the promised land. He was so excited to get there.

The last month of school was Henry's month to be named Student of the Month. It was so cool to end the year with the sign in our yard. Our little street has about 9 houses and I think everyone expressed excitement for him throughout the month. We waited all year for it! I cried when I heard he was awarded the honor. I'm such a mom! 

We adored his teachers. Mrs. Julie was his main teacher and was exactly what I prayed for. I loved her. Mrs. Heather joined us after Christmas and was a great addition. We were old Bible Study Fellowship groupies so she knew my boy. Henry was loved well and grew so much under their watch. I'll be forever grateful for their care and love for my precious boy. 

On awards night when they announced Henry was the most enthusiastic in his class I gasped and cried. I think Randall sighed and smiled in defeat knowing we had truly reproduced me. I think there is nothing finer than this award because enthusiasm can take you far in life and it means you are joyful. It was such a wonderful moment of affirmation that we might be raising him right afterall! I pray he stays excited and joyful through all his years in school. 

Next up....Kindergarten! We are so blessed to have this blessing in our life and we are always in awe at how fast he is growing. It is unreal how quickly they blossom. 

Abby Jo