Friday, June 4, 2010

1/2 A Year Already

6 months ago today we were bringing this sweet boy home from the hospital. What an exciting 1/2 year this has been for us. He is my biggest blessing. I tell his Daddy not to feel bad about hearing that Henry beat him on the blessing scale these days because without him I would not have this biggest blessing. His Daddy is my biggest love....I love, love, love that man! What an experience this has been as husband and wife, becoming Mama and Daddy. Wow.
This boy is my heart. I tell him that he is Mama's heart, because he is. I feel like my heart was taken and put outside of my body in the form of Henry (I know that sounds cliche, but I mean it). I just love it so much. I can honestly say that I wake up with a smile each morning because of this little love. He always wakes up smiling up at me, so how can I not smile?! He is so full of life and personality. Watch out world... Henry is already making his mark! I love already seeing him blossom into the man God wants him to be. It is truly amazing to have this little life under my watch.
He is a growing so fast. I sometimes wish time would stand still for just a minute. I know I should do the proverbial monthly post all these new mama bloggers do with all the updates on his growth, what he is eating, his favorite toy, etc but I do not have time to do that. I barely had time to post this. Just know he is on target and doing all the things he should be doing at this age! Here's to the rest of the first year...
Happy 6 months, Henry Patton!



Kelley said...

He is so cute, Abby. You dress him in the sweetest clothes. Can't believe 6 months has gone by.

Amanda M. said...

God bless! He is SO darling!