Sunday, February 28, 2010

Camera Cutie

Henry had fun having his 3 month pictures taken by Lindsey on Saturday. Not every little boy gets smoochies from his photographer, you know. We love that she is taking his photos for us. It is a great excuse to see each other too! We met up at her parents house this time and had lunch and visited all afternoon. I always love my time with them. They are so dear to us.
Henry was quite the dude in his pictures. He posed well and I quickly learned that taking photos of a 3 month old is NOT an easy task. Whew. He likes looking at the camera. I think he might be a ham like his Mama. We took some "naked" pictures and he really liked those. We have to pray he grows out of that phase before he gets to be a big boy! Ha.
And no visit to that area is complete without a little stop at Nana & Papa's. We had dinner and visited with them before heading home for the day. Henry is a rotten mess at their house, of course.

I can't wait to see the pictures Lindsey is editing of Henry. She is such a talented gal. If you live in central Arkansas or here in northeast Arkansas and want her to take your pictures, let me know!


Saturday, February 27, 2010

Weekend Recap

I'm back!

And we had such a great time.

We ate at El Chico(a long time fave of ours), Bonefish Grill (on a recomendation from Abby) and Mimi's Cafe. All were so very good.

We shopped and spent money. But bought almost nothing full price. I think I was the only one that bought something not on sale. Cindy found flip-flops for the kids at Target for 25 cents. Can you believe that? 25 cents! What a deal!

We laughed and laughed. And we slept! Until 8:30! It felt great.

Abby called me on Thursday (we talk just about everyday) and asked what our plans were for the weekend. I told her I hadn't talked to Cindy all week so I wasn't sure what our plans were. Abby said we were weird.

I don't think of us as weird really. We have been friends since we were 15 (25 years!), we have talked until late hours, double dated, traveled together and enjoyed countless hours on the telephone. We know each other. We don't have to talk all the time, or see each other often. We don't even give each other Christmas and birthday gifts every year. Some years we do, some years we don't. It just depends.

We are comfortable friends. The kind that pick up where we left off and don't miss a beat. We aren't alike really. She loves purple, and I don't think I own anything that color. I am a junk food junkie, and I reject the premise of exercise. She bought a Sneaky Chef cookbook and wakes up at 4:30 to exercise. We aren't alike.

But I love her. I love her family. And she loves mine. And my family loves her as if she was a sister, daughter, granddaughter, or niece.

Friends. There really isn't much greater is there?

It was a good weekend. Hope yours was too. What did you do?


Friday, February 26, 2010

Girls Weekend

I haven't made a big deal about what birthday this will be for me this year.

I know what the number is but am refusing to believe and own it.

But my bff from high school, Cindy, turned 40 in December.

And for her birthday we are going away for the next two days. We are meeting this morning and plan to shop, eat, shop, eat, sleep and shop and eat! Oh, and take in a movie too. Without kids! I can't remember when that happened last.

Stephen is in charge of the kiddos until Saturday night. And I am in charge of just having fun! I'm so excited!!!

Have a good weekend!!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Glimpse Back

At this time last year my Randall was mapping out our route thru DC. We had just arrived by plane and were having lunch before our VERY long walk to Arlington National Cemetery.
This is the photo I took at the JFK eternal flame. I love this view. I asked the security guard to take our photo in front of this view and he told me "no", he was not allowed to. I laughed at him because I thought he was joking with me. I then gave him my camera and he said "NO". Randall almost died. It was most funny.

I loved this day so much. It was the most humbling experience. Today, a year later, I am sitting at my desk doing what hopsital marketing girls do best, a mother of a 3 month old baby boy, wondering if I will have time to plan a trip this year between bottle washing and laundry, and  dreaming of fitting into those jeans! It is funny because I bought those jeans in a bigger size before that trip because none of my other ones fit. Oh, the difference a year can make for a silly girl like me. And no...I was NOT pregnant in this picture...I know many have wondered if DC was the place...nope!


Wednesday, February 24, 2010


Henry - 12 weeks
Because I thought you needed a little sweetness today!

Sweetness is that 12 weeks ago right now I was in very hard and active labor about to have this sweet little boy.
Sweetness is seeing how much he has grown in those 12 weeks.
Sweetness is how God has carried me through these past 12 weeks.
Sweetness is that 12 weeks ago I became a mother for the rest of my life.
Sweetness is that 12 weeks ago Randall showed me love in a whole new way and for that I am in love with him more today.
Sweetness is the love that overflows my cup each morning when this little face looks up at me from his bed and grins that shy little grin he wears so perfectly on his sweet face.
Sweetness is each day that I have with Henry Patton....stressful or easy, they are all the sweetest of days.

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Weigh In

Well, I told you I would update you on my weight loss each week and I am a woman of my word. I lost 3.1 pounds. That was with no exercise and a huge lack of water. I plan to try to move a bit more and drink some clear fluids this week and see what happens. So....on to week 2.


Monday, February 22, 2010

The Boys View

I did this last year with Anna, so this year I did it with the boys. And Anna decided to join in too!

Here we go:

DRB - David,
DSB - Daniel
SCB - Samuel
AKB- Anna

What is something I always say to you?
DRB-Lets do school
DSB-Lets do school
SCB- clean your room
AKB- I love you

What makes me happy?
DRB-breakfast in bed
DSB-breakfast in bed and when I unload the dishwasher
SCB-sleeping in
AKB-cleaning the house

What makes me sad?
DRB-when people do something wrong
DSB-when one of us leaves
SCB-when we ask whats for breakfast
AKB-When we don't take the trash out

How do I make you laugh?
DRB-tickle me
DSB-talk funny in the van
SCB-when your hair is in a towel
AKB-you tickle me

What was I like as a child?

How old am I?

How tall am I?
DRB-6 ft 2in
DSB-6 ft 3 in
SCB- 5ft 3in

What is my favorite thing to do?
DRB-go shopping
DSB-have a picnic
SCB-go out with friends

What do I do when you're not around?
DRB-go shopping
DSB- How am I supposed to know?
SCB-go out with a friend
AKB-go out with friends

If I became famous what would it be for?
SCB-being the elementary teacher of the greatest chef

What am I really good at?
DSB- teaching/cooking

What do I do for a job?
SCB- teach

What is my favorite food?

What makes you proud of me?
DRB-good teaching
DSB-when you do stuff for church
SCB- that you're a good driver and shopper
AKB-she said "skip that one!"

If I was a cartoon character, who would I be?
DSB-Yogi Bear
AKB- she couldn't think of one

How are we the same?
DRB-we have the same hair
DSB-we look the same, kinda sorta
SCB-we like to cook
AKB-we have the same hair

How are we different?
DRB-I'm a boy, you're a girl
DSB-I'm a kid, you're an adult
SCB-I'm good at sauteing
AKB-We don't have the same face

How do you know I love you?
DRB-You tell me
DSB-You tuck me in at night
SCB-You say "143"
AKB- You tell it to me

What do I like most about your dad?
DRB-I don't know
DSB- That he likes God, and you find him attractive
SCB-That he doesn't tell you no!
AKB-he hugs you

Where is my favorite place to go?
DRB- Jonesboro to be with Abby, Henry, Betty O, Dana, and Jill and all your other friends
DSB-Jonesboro to see Abby and Henry


Sunday, February 21, 2010

Bumbo Baby

Henry Patton decided to hold his head up and sit in his Bumbo for 45 minutes Friday night. Look at that proud face! He just smiled, drooled and cooed the whole time. I think he knows he was really something sitting in that cute seat for the first time. Randall and I were in awe at him and we were just gitty to see how he just becomes more "alive" each day. We never expected for him to be able to sit in in when we got it out Friday night. What a fun surprise for all 3 of us.
Thank you, Lord, for our little HP!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Sunday night at church I noticed that Daniel's jeans had a hole in the knee. This is his only pair of jeans.
For the first time, David and Daniel are different sizes. Well, not sizes so much as the cut of the jean has to be different to fit each one.
Today was the first day I had to go find him a pair of jeans. I tried our local resale shop (that I love) and they had NO jeans. So, we headed to our nearest town with any kind of retail stores to find jeans. The poor thing tried on jeans at Walmart, Sears, and JCPenney to no avail! He probably tried on 20-25 pairs of jeans. Size 8,9,and 10. Bootcut, relaxed, loose, straight, skinny straight(which was defintely a NO!), husky and regular. We left with no jeans. Why is it so hard? Right now the only jeans that fit are Gap and Old Navy. So, we will be driving a little bit farther in the next couple of days to buy jeans. Crazy.
But that is not what I wanted to tell you about.
This is!
We went to the mall today in our nearest big town and our nearest big town is known far and wide for its crime. So much so, that I carry my money, phone and keys in my front pocket and not in my purse if I am shopping so if my purse is stolen nothing else will be.
We were in the mall over an hour, trying on jeans and walking from one store to the other. When we walked out of the mall to the parking lot, I looked at the van, I had gotten a front parking spot, and the sliding door was open!
I said "guys, the door is open!"Samuel said" I know I closed it!"I said " I know it was closed!"The only thing I can think of is that when I hit the lock button on my key ring ( I usually hit it 3-4 times) I must have hit the door open button and then the lock button. All the closed doors were locked.
We had 2 Nintendo DS's, my Kindle, 5 coats, a GPS, and a brand new vacuum cleaner still in the box in the van. I was scared to death. We got to the van, and everything was there. EVERYTHING!
I couldn't believe it. God must have put extra angels around and in that van while we were in the mall. I must work those angels overtime, who knows what stupid stuff I do that I don't even realize. I was so thankful to God for watching over me and my stuff.
The funny thing was, when I was driving off the parking lot I looked at my leg and saw what looked like a dead bug or something. I shooed it off of my leg and kept driving. When I stopped to order food at the drive-thru at Wendy's I looked at my steering wheel and there was bird poop on it!
A bird had flown in the door and pooped on my steering wheel and then flew out of the van???!!!! How strange is that?
Hopefully tomorrow won't be this eventful!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010


We are surviving daycare and work. I know many of you have asked. Each morning holds a challenge of its own, but we tackle it the best we can and move on. I have not been late to work yet and we are one week into it..yay for us! We may scream, cry and shake all the way to our places, but we get there in one piece. The above photo was taken this morning before we left out. Yesterday was a tough day...the toughest yet. We did it though and we are alive to tell about it. I love being back at work with all my coworkers and friends. I like the way my friend Melissa described going to work, "It is something I know I am good at it" and it will keep my confidence up as I learn to be a mama.

Henry is adjusting fine. He has not missed a meal yet, as you can see. The boy is a weed, I tell ya. He is learning to pacify himself a bit better and that is remarkable for that little spoiled mess of a baby. He cries when we get there most times, but he is bad about crying when we leave too. Mixed messages, for sure! His teachers are sweet and he seems to recognize them. I appreciate him being able to sit on his own at home for a bit while I tend to things with both hands, instead of only having one free to use. Daycare is hard, but I can see how it is already helping him. Now the bad cold he has received from his little friends there is a different story!

And this is us again as we set out on our journey this morning. He is so cute in this picture. He looks just like his Daddy to me. What do you think?
I think I am in great need of getting my body back, is what I think! Whose arms are those? Ha!Today I started making great strides toward "being me" again. This will serve as my before picture, I reckon. Pray for me as this is a challenge like never before. My blood pressure is still high and the baby weight is sticking to me better than I thought it would. I am determined to be healthy for my little love and today is the day to do it! I am on a program at the hospital and I am excited about it. I think I will post a weekly update as to keep me accountable in more than one place. Is that cool with y'all?
Our life is certainly full these days with Henry in the mix and even on the fullest of days it is SO worth having him to hold at the end that fullest day!


Sunday, February 14, 2010

The Little Heartbreaker

Can I just tell you what a proud aunt I am today! My Samuel is such a! Please read the post below on his big accomplishment.
My little heartbreaker has celebrated his first Valentine's Day! He got 1 Valentine at daycare. 1. I first thought he had not gotten any and I was so sad, but I cleaned out his bag for the week and it was at the bottom of the bag. It was from a friend named Sadey. I was afraid I was the odd mama bringing Valentines to the infant room. I am so glad Sadey's mama was excited about her first Valentine's Day too!
This little heartbreaker got a St. Bernard puppy from his Mama and Daddy and we named it Sparky. I saw this soft, floppy dog at the store and knew Henry had to have it.

And he loves Sparky. Henry's personality is becoming more alive everyday. I just love learning about him more and more each day. Such a fun boy, he is.

This mama has the 2 cutest Valentine's in the whole world. Randall and I are not big Valentine's people but this year he have had such fun with Henry. I love how my heart explodes for this little boy...and his daddy!

Henry wants you to know he loves you "This Much". I hope you felt loved today, because you are!


Samuel the Boy Scout

Friday night Samuel left at 7:45 to head to Cane Creek State Park for the Flapjack 20.

The Flapjack 20 is a Boy Scout sanctioned 20 mile hike at night that culminates with a pancake breakfast.

Personally, eating pancakes after walking in the woods for 20 miles and 8-9 hours at night makes me nauseous.

But back to Samuel.

He was decked out in his long johns, wool socks, coat and hiking boots. (Yes, jeans and a shirt) Stephen was in charge of providing hot chocolate and snacks at the 10 mile mark. So, he left sometime after 11:00 ( I had to sleep, so I'm really not sure what time he left) and went to prepare everything for the guys.

10 boys and 2 adults started the hike and at the ten mile mark, 4 boys and 1 adult were left.

Samuel was one of the ones that stayed. Sometime while Stephen was gone to provide snacks I prayed that God would give Samuel the will to persevere and have endurance. Samuel isn't known for perseverance in other areas of his life, namely school work, and I really wanted him to see that he could complete something that seemed so very tough.

He came home at 6:30, after eating pancakes and sausage (GAG!), and went to the bathtub and then to bed. He slept for a few hours, got up to eat, and slept for a few more hours.

I was so proud of him for completing the 20 mile hike in the dark with a flashlight whose battery was waining at the end of the hike. He said he lost sight of one of the leaders for the last 5 miles.

But he kept on. I of course made a life application out of this hike. It is my job as his mother and his teacher. But I also let him now how proud I was of him. And how gross I thought it was that he ate pancakes after hiking 20 miles.

Friday, February 12, 2010

My Little Cupid

This is the little cupid boy who has stolen my heart. He was headed to daycare this morning looking most festive and lovable.

He took his special Valentine's with him to give to all his little friends and his teachers.

I love being the Gitty Mama Valentine of this cutie!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Two Firsts

First #1 was this morning when we took off our pjs for a change and got dressed so we could start daycare and go back to the working world. It was a cold morning but I felt warmed by all the prayers you were praying for us. Many thanks for that. It was amazing the way they protected me.

This is the happy little boy who looks as though he is doing a daycare hand jive. "I am going to daycare. I am going to meet some friends. I am going to daycare. I am going to be the cutest one." He was so sweet this morning as we got ready to set out on our new journey.

This is me about to hand my littlest heart to some sweet lady I had never met but I knew it would be okay and she would take good care of him. This picture of me is not okay though...whew, I need hair help. I have received 2 bad haircuts this month. My fixing the 1st one made it even worse. It is not about me, the baby weight still in my face, or my hair though, it is about this cute littlest love and his rite of passage this morning.

First #2 was Henry's first overnight stay away from Mama & Daddy. He went to Nana & Papa's Saturday and spent the night while Randall and I spent the day in Memphis together. That is our city. That is where it all started!

Daddy loving on Henry before Nana gets to the house. We had to get up early because Nana was coming to get that boy! Look at Daddy's sleepy eyes. Oh, Nana. She had Papa come with her so she could sit in the back and visit with Henry. Nana is a sweet mess!

And Henry loves Nana. Look at that smile as she holds him up to her. He have a happy boy who is loved a lot by so many people. We are blessed to have all these "firsts" with Henry Patton.

Monday, February 8, 2010

No 7 Year Itch Here

My wedding was a beautiful day. I love reflecting on it each year on this day. My dress was one of my most favorite things about the day. I still want to put it on and twirl in it but it won't zip, of course. The dress was fun, simple, comfortable, elegant and had the best story that went with it. Julie and I bought that dress one day while having a little mourning shopping trip in LR after my grandmother died in late Winter 2002. Randall and I had been dating for almost 3 months. No one knew we were trying on dresses and no one would have ever dreamed we were for real going to buy one until we called mother from the store to get her permission. I think Kathy had a mild heart attack and I think everyone in the west and central part of the state heard her yell at me over the phone. She made us fax her a picture of the dress from the store for approval. She then told me (all by phone) that it was my dress. I had to wear it no matter who I married. She then told Julie to take it home with her and that I was not to take it back to my apt in Conway because she feared I would model it for all my girls (She was smart). I then had to take the pictures and the catalog home to FS the next day after class and show it to her. I remember I got stopped on the highway for speeding and I told the man I was newly engaged and was taking my ring and dress home to my mom (I was wearing my recently passed grandmother's wedding ring on my hand). He let me go and told me congrats. I am such a liar and should be ashamed, I know! By the way...this was all in March and we did not get engaged until September. Crazy stuff and a super fun sister memory.
I cherished having all those closest to us in our wedding. I also loved the bridesmaid dresses. Those have quiet the story too, but I will spare you and save it for another year. Our wedding party was as follows (from back, left to right): Tim (RWL's uncle), Sarah (AJL cousin), Ben (RWL dad), Julie, me, Randall, Melissa (BFF), Rick (RWL uncle), Lindsey (AJL forever friend), Zach (AJL cousin), Hollye (AJL cousin), Caly (AJL cousin), Samuel (Julie's oldest) and Matthew (AJL cousin- Hollye's husband)

These sweet people made my ceremony extra special. (Left to right) Gini played the piano (longtime family friend), Melissa attended my book (Theta Big), Ashlea read the Irish Blessing (B-day twin and college bud), me, Randall, Paige played and sang "Thank You Lord How Could I Ask For More" (college bud), Jenny read Bride to Be (college bud) and Keith sang the beautiful and infamous Geoff Moore wedding song (minister of music from my home church where I got married).

And finally, the happy couple. What a journey these past 7 years have been. I could write a book that would make you both laugh and cry. I love that God gave me Randall and saved my heart for my sweet man, and his heart for me. I cherish the sweet love we have for each other and can't wait to watch it grow more and more as the years go by. This year I am especially smitten with our little "love child". He is the best anniversary gift, ever!

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Anniversary Eve


Tomorrow is Abby and Randall's 7th wedding anniversary. If I know Abby like ya'll know Abby I'm sure she is figuring out which pictures to show us in honor of this special day.

Can you wait? Me either!

The day was beautiful. Cold, a bit windy, but beautiful.

Abby was beautiful too.

But since I am writing this lets talk about me.

My hair looked GREAT!

Randall's mom is a hair stylist, beautician, hairdresser. You get the picture. Anyway!

She did my hair and it was really pretty. Probably the best it had ever looked in my life until that day. If Abby hadn't looked beautiful and been in a pretty white dress (ask her to post the story about buying the wedding dress!) I would have been the prettiest one there. HA!

Stephen married them and I was the maid of honor(the married one). I just hate matron of honor, it makes me sound like an old haggard woman with a bun. Samuel was the ring bearer, Randall's dad had to put his hand on Samuel's shoulder a couple of times. I think the idea of making that ringbearer pillow go round and round excited my 4 year old more than he could stand. The twins slept at their Nana and Papas during the wedding. It is a bone of contention with me, but I'll let it go for now!

I wish ya'll could have been there if you weren't. It was a beautiful ceremony. Her friends spoke, and sang. Randall looked like he would bust his buttons looking at Abby. And Abby, well she was so in love she could hardly stand herself.

It was a beautiful day full of beautiful memories.


Friday, February 5, 2010

The Working Mama

This is our last full week at home together. I go back to work next Wednesday and Henry starts daycare on that day as well. It is a bittersweet time for us...well, me more than him because he is clueless. It will be a tough transition for all of us, yet one that we have been prepared for since finding out I was pregnant last Spring.

I am not a stay home type person. Being a stay at home mom never interested me. I am not a big TV watcher. I don't read unless it is a magazine or something that really sticks out at me and grabs my attention. I don't sew. I don't clip coupons. I don't sit still well. I don't cook square meals each night. I always have at least 1 or 2 loads of dirty clothes in my house and I like it like that. Morning talk shows wear me out by 7:30. Wearing pj pants everyday is about to do me in. My husband works out of the home and I believe distance makes the heart grow fonder. I like outlets...lots of different outlets. I have no business staying at home. I am made to me a working Mama and I have always known that.

Now that I am a Mama who has to trust a daycare provider to take care of my little prince 9 hours a day, I have thought about learning to love daytime TV, reading boring novels, clipping coupons and saving boxtops for rewards, learning to sew all our clothes and cooking lavish suppers each night. I then laugh at myself and think how nice a desk and chair suits me each weekday morning and how Henry will thrive in a daycare setting in a way he would not thrive at home with me in my pj pants and bad attitude. It was a tough reality to face but I faced it pretty soon after I started debating the choice of home or office. Office won.

Then I had guilt. "Am I a bad mother because I want to work?", "Will I regret my time away from him in these young years?", "Will the daycare workers be nice to him?", "Will I be able to manage home and office like before?". I quickly learned that I am suppose to work so that I can be a good mother to Henry. I am suppose to work so I can be a happy mother to Henry. I am suppose to work so I can provide all the extras for Henry. I am suppose to work because it is who I am.

I am a working woman with a sweet baby boy. That is me...that is who I always knew I would be. I am still okay with that, yet the reality of letting someone I do not know keep my baby for 9 hours a day freaks me out a small bit. I am reminded that mothers all over this world have done this and are doing this very thing. They love their babies as much as I love mine. I am no better or different than them and that is the honest truth. Also, if the daycare hurt babies they would not be open for business. They are open at almost full capacity because they are doing their job....caring for loved babies for 9 hours a day. When I look at this way I can catch my breath and know it is going to be just fine. And it will be just fine.

Pray for me, if you will. I am taking my baby boy to a daycare that I had to pick because it was one of the only 4 who could take him. My first pick does not have room for him yet and we have been on the waiting list for 9 months. I am taking my baby boy all by myself for the next few weeks because his Daddy has meetings out of state. I will be a single Mama returning to work after a 12 week leave with a baby for the first time. Typing that puts a lump in my throat. We will be fine, yet it will be challenging for a while.

I love being with Henry every moment of the day, yet I know in the long run I am going to be a better Mama by staying true to myself and returning to my career. I worked hard to get where I am and love what I do and there is nothing wrong with that. I finally came to terms with it and feel so much better for not trying to make myself feel guilty for wanting to take off the pj pants and squeeze my postpartum rear in something with a waistband. I look forward to loving work and home in a whole new way. Here's to a new chapter, a new dynamic, a new reality. It is going to be okay, I will just be a little wet in the eyes for a while.

P.S. I commend those of you who stay at home. Your job is much harder than I ever imagined. Kudos to all you do without a break. You deserve a pat on the back!


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Henry - 2 Months

Henry Patton is 2 months old.

He is 50% in height and weight. He has gained 2 pounds since his 1 month check up and has grown about a half inch. He still has reflux but we are trying some new meds and formula as we enter month 3 with hopes for some relief. He started smiling this past month, cooing and becoming more alert each day. He notices his Mama and Daddy's voices. He sleeps about 5 hours a night before waking up for a bottle. He also still loves to be swaddled. Henry is a sweet baby with a funny little personality. I love learning about him more each day.

While at our 2 month check up we found out our little mister's cough was RSV (this picture was taken in the exam room). He is doing much better and is still as cute as ever. We are so thankful it did not get any worse than it did. He will have the cough for a few more weeks but he is now fever free and was able to get his first round of shots. He is right on track and we are so proud for that!

Henry loves to smile and play with his Daddy. He was so sick on this day but was still so happy. I love that about our sweet boy. I pray everyday he will have a sweet disposition all through out his life.

Henry loves to visit our bed in the mornings when I am getting laundry ready for the wash ( the laundry is never ending at this house) or getting dressed. He likes the lights and motion on the TV and I think he likes the scent of Mama and Daddy on those pillows. I love his socks, don't you?!

And at the end of the day all is right with the world when Henry is in the tub. This is his favorite place. He adores the warm bath and would stay in it all night if we would let him. I pull him out when his toes start wrinkling up or his lip begins to quiver. He is a cutie in his tub but throws a fit when I pull him out. I love that he is passionate about life but his temper is something that I still have not gotten a handle on. He is a little hot headed like his sweet Daddy! :)

Happy 2 months to you, Henry Patton


Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A Shout Out

Granny & Sarah
TBEO & Sarah
Grace & Anna

We have a few faves to say hi to today (really yesterday, but today will have to do!)

February 1 was our Granny's birthday. She was the perfect Granny. She worked hard, loved hard, and man could she cook! She was a beautiful testimony of God's love. The girls in our family are blessed to have been raised around her and to have her blood coursing through our veins. The stories we could tell!

February 1 is also our Aunt Janet's birthday. She is our blue-eyed aunt and we love her so much. (Not just because of her blue eyes!) She is always around for a hug (although I don't think I got one when I was home for the sip & see), a smile, advice or just to talk. She has made our lives richer. We love you TBEO!

February 6 is Grace's birthday! Aunt Janet's first grandaughter. She is the cutest thing. Smart, funny, and cute! She is blonde and looks so much like her mother it is unreal. I love it when Grace and Anna are together they are such opposites in looks, but they love being around each other. Anna is a little ticked that Grace is turning 6 today and she is still 5. She'll just have to deal with that!

One of our most faithful blog readers, a stalker actually!, had a bit of surgery yesterday. Stacy, I love you and am sorry you are having trouble. But the story about the rain and your sunroof being opened still makes me laugh!!!

Have a great day!