Thursday, March 29, 2007

Riding in a Bus & Pondering Tablescapes

So, my sister is on her way back from the mountains in Colorado on a bus (God love them). She and the Bro-In-Law went skiing with their church for spring break. I can't wait to see pictures of those snow bunnies. Maybe she will post some for us. She had the cutest hot pink ski coat, headband and studded sunglasses. She will be an active blogger once she is back in
God's Country (Arkansas).

I am getting excited about Easter. I love it. This will be my fourth year to prepare Easter dinner. We are having our neighbors over this year as they have been so generous to us. I love tablescapes and am already thinking about how I will dress my table. It is the simple things that excite me! I take after my grandmothers in the entertaining business. Will I use one of my pastel plaid tablecloths/napkins or will I use white with plaid napkins? Will I use all baskets with eggs on the table or will I use little bunnies? I of course have to use my ceramic egg napkin rings which ever I choose. They were actually ornaments and I use them as napkin rings! I guess I should also worry about the food, right?
Celebrating Jesus' sacrifice and the beginning of Spring puts a spark in my soul.

Well, I just wanted to update the page today with what is the latest and greatest with us. As you can see...not much! But excitement is usually always around the corner if
I know our lives well enough.

Pray for Julie's safety as they travel through the night


Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Welcome To Our Journey

So, here we are creating a blog together after 28 years of sisterhood. We have often talked about writing a book, a cookbook, etc but who has the time and how do you do that when you live so far away from one another? So Jules said, " Let's write a blog"! We always have some great thought we want to share with one another and of course we feel it is noteworthy enough to be shared for everyone to read. You may laugh at us, cry with us, celebrate with us or even shake your heads at us...but that is what blogging is all about. We are excited about publishing our daily journey with you. So, put us in your favorites and stop by and see us often.

One of my favorite songs, Fellow Traveler has a verse that defines our paths so beautifully:

"You can't change who I am or the way that I think
I can't change how you live or the words that you speak
But neither one of us is a stranger to joy or pain
No matter how we're different we're very much the same"

Welcome to our journey!